Become an Affiliate Partner

Become a partner of Culture App, offer innovative cultural experiences to your customers and win!


What is Culture App’s affiliate program and what do you earn?

The affiliate program is a collaboration between Culture App and partners active in tourism with mutual benefit. The partner, by placing a banner on his website or a Qrcode in the physical premises of his business, leads his customer to the Culture App e-shop for a purchase and the partner receives a commission from this purchase.

Why Culture App?
Because it offers the visitor of the archaeological site a unique and pleasant cultural experience.
Because Culture App products meet the expectations of visitors to archaeological sites.
Because the needs and habits of customers are satisfied by the rapid adoption of technology in their daily life.

How does the affiliate program work?
The affiliate program records real-time sales and pays monthly commissions to affiliates based on bookings made.

How to start?
Fill in the information below and we will contact you to start our cooperation.