Culture App is an application which revives the past through representations and offers you a unique opportunity to take a digital tour in the archaeological sites of Greece, whether by physical presence or as remote visitor.

Culture App is for tourist guides, who guide in archaeological sites in Greece;
for Tour Operators, who organize visits to archaeological sites;
for visitors, group members or individuals, who visit archaeological sites in Greece.

Culture App allows you to create a network with the members of the group via your mobile phones, using the code provided by the Tour Operator. In this way, you send visual material to their screens depending on the narration stage, thus offering a fascinating and exciting tour.
You can use the Culture App inside or outside the archaeological site, as well as during your coach journey, so you can cover what you may miss in the site.
You can also become a Culture App partner, such as Tour Operators, and you can get networking codes with the members of the group.

You can register from the web page as a partner.
Once you activate your account, you can log in and get codes for each group, so that the tour guide and the members of the group are on the network with their mobile phones.
From your account, you can also send push notification to the members of each group, in order to let them know about any changes in the schedule or send them other important information.

You download the Culture App and enter in the special field the code provided by the tour organizer or your guide. In this way, your mobile phone is networked with the guide’s mobile and you have the same visual material on your screen throughout the guided tour.
Culture App also lets you find your tour guide in case you get away from him.
In your free time, you can use the Culture App as individual visitors.

By downloading the Culture App to your mobile phone, you have access to all representations, information, videos etc. which allow you to navigate in the archaeological sites through the list or map options.
In the future, when you visit Greece, this material will be available by means of Augmented Reality (AR) technology as well, which only works inside the archaeological site.